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Board games are no fun unless you're playing them with other people. Running ETGActual is no different. Our awesome staff keep us going: from manning our Twitch channel to writing our articles. 

Gamers Actual

The guys who call the shots.


Daniel Baez

aka "DocShippy"

CEO (Gamer Actual)

ETGActual, LLC

Dan is an Alumni of University of Hartford where he received a BA in Communications in Mass Media and Journalism. Worked at ESPN for 3 years as an Audio/Visual Technician. Navy Veteran and founder of EtG Actual, LLC. 

Loves video games, board games, and coffee. Lives in North Carolina.

aj bio pic.png

Austin Schirling

aka "AJ_Eastcoast"

President and Director of Content 

ETGActual, LLC

AJ is a current Senior at Full Sail University studying game design and is a Navy Veteran. Residing in Florida, he loves the pool, video games. writing, reading and professional wrestling . Co-Founder of EtGActual LLC and is the founder of Gamer Interrupted.


Featured or staffing current EtGActual Productions

stev bio pic.jpg

Steve Nicholson

aka "Aeoskii"

Stream Moderator (Gamer Interrupted)


Stev spells his name weird and goes by the gamer tag Aeoskii. Created and purchased in Kansas, he spent most his midwestern life gaming and avoiding humanity. Working in the general vicinity of ETGActual, he continues to avoid people to no success. He streams rarely and is usually behind the scenes quietly doing things. Hobbies include motivational screaming at today’s youth.

Griffin Bio Pic.jpg

Griffin Adamd


(Gamer Interrupted)


Bio Coming soon!

Kyle Bio Pic.jpg

Kyle Arthur

aka "Jggyuh"


(Salt Mines)


Bio Coming soon!


Jesse Olinger


"SNCO to the Emporer"


(Salt Mines)


Started playing D&D in 7th grade (1992), mostly played in the barracks rec room, early in his military career (1997-2004) started hanging out regularly at Rules of Engagement Games when it opened in Nov 2004 and bought into it summer of 2007. Joined the Marines in 1997 and retired in 2019 as a Gunnery Sergeant. Was the brain child of the popular web-series the "Salt Mines".

Cast Members

Featured in many of our older EtGActual Podcasts and older YouTube Productions. 

Gray Hintze

TPK, The Salt Mines

Antonio Vignolini

Team Party Kill

Stephen LeClair

Team Party Kill

Tracy Ear

Team Party Kill

Keith Beall

Team Party Kill

Oliver Warren

Team Party Kill

Alex M. Nyan

Original Web-Design

Allen Chriss Arenas

Team Party Kill

Cory Williams

Can Farva Do It?

Nick Smith

Team Party Kill

Sarah Arthur

Team Party Kill

Olga Mihalik

Team Party Kill

Parker Erbe

Team Party Kill

Devin Lehardy

Salt Mines/ETG Arena

Anthony Adams

Team Party Kill

Colton Nelson

Team Party Kill

And our Original Staff who have gone their separate ways, but helped make us who we are:

Scott Way, Jonathan Lee, Matthew Browning, Joseph Griffin, and Alexis McDaniels

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