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FIFA Forever

Photo Credit: EA Sports FIFA 20

It took a long time but here it is! I’m referring to the eFootball War that is currently being fought between EA Sports and Pro Evolution. After the release of the FIFA 20 trailer this spring, PES Started making big money moves sealing exclusive deals to clubs like Juventes. EA had to do something big so they released the long awaited Volta street mode. I can say, by playing both demos of both games, that FIFA came out swinging and knocked it out of the park.

For those of you that have not played FIFA before; FIFA 20 would be a great introduction to the series. The Volta street mode is a great start for beginners to learn basic fundamentals and the other mastery skills come later in this mode. In any game of FIFA no matter which your playing, you don't need to be a God at skills to have fun and win the game. If you'd like, you can take the reigns as one of your favorite team's head coach. You can make all the choices involving signing players, allocating money, tournaments, and much more. Playing the actual game with your managed players can really be satisfying. This is by far my favorite mode of the game so far, and after one season of my favorite club, I try to head up other teams that I do not usually follow.

Photo Credit: EA Sports FIFA20

FIFA is great for couch play and solo, but for those of you trying to be a competitive player you can try and tackle the monster that is Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the piece de resistance of all the EA ultimate team games. This mode is not for the faint of heart, and many serious players will have no problem scoring 15-0 on you. Building your squad with the best players is a part of the grind; by opening packs and earning coins to purchase players on the live transfer market to build the best team possible. Once you have a solid team, tackle the many game modes within the FUT. This is the best fantasy experience so far in a video game that I have seen in awhile. I believe that FIFA is forever and will reign supreme over the eFootball competition. The draw of the amazing detail to user experience will keep fans coming back for more and making new fans everyday.

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