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A New Take on Brotherhood

Picture Credit: Ubisoft

Get ready to be dropped right in to Ubisoft’s latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. A lot of people have given up Assassin’s Creed saying that it is overwhelmingly drawn out series. However, I’ve enjoyed the games and the different aspects that it brings, taking great pains to make sure that none of the games are the same. The game is an origin story about how the brotherhood came about and the everlasting fight for the “Apple of Eden”. It takes place in ancient Egypt and is the first game of its kind to openly explore the ancient world. You can even hijack and ride a camel if you want to.

This year’s game has a brand-new combat system, revamping it from its usual “counter and wait” style of the creed games. Now every move is a crucial decision, using your shield and dodge to defeat your opponents. You now have a bow and arrow to hunt and kill from long range that doubles as a mounted weapon. Multiple enemies can now be hit at one time. The combat is way tougher than the usual Creed games which is what I have enjoyed very much. Another awesome feature is being able to fly around the map as your pet eagle which makes finding your targets way easier and does not take as long to hunt someone down. The game also feels more like an RPG with a level up and crafting system. Also, you have to earn your abilities, instead of being given them all at one time. Each weapon comes with a damage rating and some with their own powers and skills.

I’m excited to continue to play the story to see how the origin story pans out. This is probably what makes the game so interesting to me. That and being able to explore ancient tombs and pyramids is pretty cool to. Playing more of the game I noticed a few things, it’s really addicting. I’m not sure if it’s the mystery behind the origin story, or that it’s just really overall a fundamentally solid game. It’s very smooth to play, and does make a lot of time go by fast.

In references to the RPG aspect of the game, you need to make sure you level up your character before you take on the story missions. They will give you level recommendations for each mission will tell you things like, “this area is highly restricted we recommend level 10”. This, in a way, forces you to play through the side missions and explore the map. This may sound tedious, but adds a great experience in the long run. If you have played any of Ubisoft’s games you know that they like to keep things the same. You must complete most of the side quests to finish the game. In my opinion, this gives you the bang for your buck.

Get out there and explore history in the beginning of the brotherhood!

Images: Ubisoft

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