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Kill or Be Killed: Friday the 13th

Finally! A game that has been exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series and now I have a chance to play out my fantasies! The game is set just like the movies were. The ever famous, or infamous, Crystal Lake Campgrounds, Pacanack cabin (from the second movie), and a couple other campgrounds are playable maps in this game. All the camp counselors wear cheesy 80’s clothing too, which is a great little throwback. For the first time you get to play as Jason; with about 10 differerent versions of the killer, each with its own special attack, abilities, and kills. The best part is they are exact replicas of Jason from the movies.

Just like me; the creators of this game are big fans of the series, which means they went through great pains to make the game mirror the movies. Even that super creepy “ts ts ha ha” theme music. I'm a big supporter of this game, because it was started on kickstarter and then fueled by the guys at Unreal Engine. Video game dreams come true! I had no issue forking out $39.99 on PSN. And on Friday, the 13th, this year (in October) you can purchase a solid copy of the game for your game collection. Right now, the game is a 1 vs 7 mutiplayer : seven counselors and one Jason, but there are talks of a singleplayer mode coming with the Oct 13th release. Maybe, we will dig into cinematic playable stories of the movie parts. I will love to see Mrs. Vorhees make an appearance as well.

The game is pretty simple to play. As the counselors you have twenty minutes to escape Jason, or try to survive. You’ll be running around either: finding parts to fix a means of escape (car or boat), or try to find parts to fix a phone to call the cops. Once the police arrive you have to survive another five mins, and then run to the exit of the camp to be rescued. Lastly, you can try to kill Jason. You can attempt this by having a female pick up Mrs. Vorhee’s sweater, as a team by beating the crap out of Jason, or having Tommy Jarvis arrive on scene and stab Jason with a machete or axe. Killing Jason takes a lot of legwork, but it is possible, you can also defend yourself against the machete wielding psycho with weapons and coordinate with your teammates once you pick up a walkie talkie.

As Jason you have one goal; kill everyone and don’t let them escape. I’ve had a ton of fun playing this game. It’s cheesy and sometimes pretty scary as Jason grabs you out of nowhere. I reccomend playing with a bunch of buddies over and watching as everyone succumbs to a jump scare. Have fun getting behind the mask or slipping on a pair of flashback clothes. Don’t get to scared!

#horror #JasonVorhees

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