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Teddy Bear Parade of Nightmares

Remember when you were little and trying to sleep at night, but it is dark… your closet door is open and there may be something lurking under your bed. If you were anything like me you took solace in a stuffed animal or blanket. Dream Defense (out in the Google Play store) by Altitude Games enlists one such child’s Teddy Bear as protagonist. Armed with a BB-Gun and assorted other toy weapons, your Teddy Bear defender stands a steadfast vigil defending you from nightmares! The Teddy Bear isn’t alone, however, the same sheep that you count to sleep at night drop into the battlefield to give him ammo, coins, or much needed health. My first impressions of the game were a little discouraging; it was very high rated in Google Play so I had hopes for it. Upon opening the game and playing through the tutorial I noticed it had several phone gaming clichés’: the first being three types of resources: the easily obtained “Coins” and the uncommon “Dream Ore” (used for upgrading your weapon), and the rare “Diamonds” (used for just about everything else). Secondly, those familiar with Candy Crush (2012) are familiar with the consequences of failing a mission. You lose a life. You get five lives per day and if you lose them all you must either wait the predetermined time limit for your lives to refill or spend your hard-earned cash. At first, I thought this was going to be a major detriment to the game, however, if you’re good or are an RPG gamer, there are ways around this five ticket per day issue. Other than the mobile gaming clichés it is an extremely fun tap game with just the right type of charm to keep you coming back. If you play it properly, so you don’t risk losing massive amounts of lives, it can get a little grindy, but all in all I found myself playing this game for hours. Much like Super Toss the Turtle (2017) Dream Defense doesn’t shove ads down your throat, if you’d like to double to amount of resources

you get upon completing a mission you can elect to watch one. This is one of the more effective ways to capitalize on your resources. Your forty Dream Ore can become ninety, just by watching an ad. The game is also full of unlockables; ranging from new skins to weapons. There is a lot in this game to keep you coming back for more. With a tutorial that guides you through some of the more intricate of the game’s nuances players with any range of skill can pick up this game. The controls are a very rudimentary “tap and drag” style, but doesn’t detract from the game’s charm. On a whole, I would give this game a solid four thumbs up. The main detractors for me being the standard mobile game clichés’. Grab your BB-Gun, tie your bandanna tight, and start mowing down hordes of ghosts and nightmare toys.

Images: Android Games, APKDownloader

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