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Way of the Road, Bud.

There have been a slew of mobile games based off of popular television shows. Some are unique and very interesting while some seem to just be advertisements cloaked by sprites of pop culture icons. Trailer Park Boys: Grea$y Money has all of the bumbling charm of the television show, but seems to fall short when it comes to gameplay. While it starts like a simple money making and upgrade game, you quickly realize that it is just a remake of the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game and the Simpsons: Tapped Out. You start out with more than enough resources to get you started, but once you get about twenty minutes into the game it stalls out. If you’re an RTS fan, like myself, this is frustrating! The game forces you to put it down and leave it alone for a period of time. What about instant gratification?! Maybe, we just want to sit down and crank out the first few levels while we’re dropping a deuce? Nope, no dice… once you knock out the attainable tasks the game forces you to set it down and let it ride for several hours/days.

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Like the rest of the point and let it ride games there are multiple resources you need to gather in order to accomplish the quests or to acquire new characters. One of said resources is usually extremely hard to gather and there are usually only one or two ways to get enough to continue on with the story. Of course, if you don’t mind reaching into your wallet you can get an excess of all of these resources. As with all of the games of this style, they are designed to try and get those of us who are traditional gamers to pay to be able to complete things instantly. It’s a catch twenty-two, because in order to get your buildings to generate more money, you need to buy customers… but as you buy more and more customers you burn through your funds and like everything the price for your customers goes up too.

All in all, however, not a horrible game… compared to the other two I’ve mentioned it actually has a decent story. If you’re a fan of the TV show; it is like a good Netflix binge with all of your favorite characters making cameos. You work to complete certain quests like acquire: so much money, upgrade so many buildings, or level up a character. Once you’ve reached the goal and get the reward the game gives you a little vignette which is straight from the show. Despite the fact, the game stagnates pretty quickly I keep finding myself going back to it at least once a day to see if I can unlock more story or characters. Not the best phone game, but definitely far from the worst. I give the game three out of five thumbs up. If you enjoy a game that doesn’t require your attention and has at least a good twenty minutes (average) of constant game play then this game is for you. Otherwise, I would say pass-up this one.

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