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Who Says Sports Can't Be Geeky?

So, if you’re anything like me, being a self-proclaimed nerd pretty much defines who you are as a human. If you grew up with a meat head gym rat family like me, sports were a big deal. Just like any good ole’ boy from the city, I fell in love with two things: the Boston Red Sox and the love for video games. Baseball was a big part of my young life and even if I wasn’t very good, digital baseball was there to make me feel like I was star. This brings me to my review of the latest release of MLB 17: The Show (2017) for the PlayStation 4. Sorry Xbox guys and PC, due to some weird middle finger from Sony, MLB only sells its rights to the PlayStation. So, you might have to fork out a mere 450 bucks to enjoy this one.

The Show brings out the inner child in me that loves to watch baseballs fly over the fences. The game offers up a lot of opportunities to explore the many ins and outs of American baseball. This year they have updated rosters for the real-life guys. If the sluggers are hitting well or if they are in slump it will show in the game. You can also get live scores of the live games whether you’re down the street from Fenway or across the pond in Tokyo. Probably one of the coolest features is the Diamond Dynasty. This allows full customization of your own team from the jerseys your guys will wear, the team name, and what city they represent. So, if you’re hometown doesn’t have a team, it can now be broadcasted online to other players for some good old-fashioned home crowd support.

The way you get players is pretty interesting too. Remember that old baseball card collection you had? Well, in the game you get baseball cards of the big leaguers, and get to choose who starts and who sits the bench. The more you play the more chances you get to acquire more players for your squads by opening up packs of tops baseball cards. There is also the Franchise Mode that allows you to be the General Manager making big decisions to lead your favorite team to the world series. You also have the chance to score the hall of famers of the past to play and create a fantasy league with other players around the world.

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The most fun I’ve had geeking out over was the “Road to the Show Career Mode”. You get the chance to create your player and try out for the teams. Then the managers call you up with a deal to sign up for a team. You go through anything a real-life prospect for the majors go through: ass-chewings from your coach, to trades to other clubs, to hitting big, having bad games, and making loads of cash. You play pretty quick games only playing the parts of the innings that are important to your player.

Whatever path you decide leads you to the major and when you finally good enough to get out of the minors to the big time (aka “the show”) the game gives you a montage of cutscenes that makes you feel like you finally made it. It’s a big moment to almost cry holding a PS4 controller because the virtual you walks up to the plate in the virtual Yankee Stadium.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to go nerd sport crazy over MLB 17: The Show. If the graphics and the interface of real MLB.TV broadcasters aren’t enough for you, then you can do any tweaking you want to enjoy America’s pastime from the comfort of you couch. Go ahead, put on your baseball hat, sit down, start hitting home runs and playing the game with your best buds.

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