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Turtle Tossing

Toss the Turtle originally debuted as a flash game on many of the free flash game sites from back in the late 2000s. No story, basic graphics, but insanely fun point and click game. You launch your Turtle from a cannon hurtling the poor Squirtle rip-off through the air hoping he hits one of the various creeps wandering the map. From bombs, to evil mushrooms and even a chainsaw wielding purple muscle guy all of which propel your Turtle further down the side-scrolling map. Your turtle, as he ricochets across the map, gets brutalized and his little character suffers black eyes, bloody noses and all sorts of physical trauma which, if you have a sick sense of humor, is oddly enjoyable.

Super Toss the Turtle, found in the Play Store, is a recreation of the origin flash game by GonzoSSM and Pavelzuk. The game operates under a very simple principle: the farther you launch your turtle (or character) the more money you acquire, the more money you acquire the better equipment you can buy, and the better equipment you buy allows you to launch your turtle even further and therefore get more money. I’ve played many different variations of games with a similar concept, but this game keeps it interesting by actually allowing you to loosely control your creature’s flight. You can either shoot your creature with one of a variety of weapons ranging from a slingshot to a grenade launcher. Or if you decide you want a little more manual control you can hold finger on the screen in the direction you want him to head. While the handling is worse than a pig in quicksand, it does offer you a light bit of control.

One of my favorite features about this game is the way it handles ads. Many other games force ads down your throat every chance they get. “Oh hey, a loading screen, better slam an ad down for other cruddy games that pale in comparison to the one you’re playing. Erp… wait… changing menus? Better make you watch a video!” Super Toss the Turtle gives you the option, for twenty shells (currency which allows you to unlock new characters) you can watch a video. This option isn’t always available and it makes watching the ads more bearable. When you’re fifteen shells away from gaining a character in the character menu it will give you an option to watch an ad for fifteen shells. Which is handy when you are so close to unlocking one of the many minions.

Another thing that I enjoy about the app is how they handle the currency buys. Yes, you can spend real world money to purchase in-game currency, but it is not necessary to advance the game. You do not have to actually purchase a single thing in order to advance in the game or unlock new gear. This game has done so much right that it definitely deserves the 4.8 stars that it earned in the Google Play Store. Highly recommend this game 5 Thumbs Way up

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