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THE DOSSIER defines "Gamer" as "a person who plays games, especially video or computer games." We think it is much more than that. It is a culture and a way of life. To us, sharing a homebrew D&D campaign or sharing your favorite game with a friend is like giving somebody a piece of who you are.


We here at Enter the Gamer Actual wanted to create a place where gamers, geeks and nerds could come together and share themselves with the world.  Our site may be in its infancy, but we're looking forward to taking this journey with you all!

We are not professionals, but we are passionate about what we do. Our content is literally for Gamers by Gamers. If we weren't playing on One Shot we would all be sitting around my (DocShippy's) kitchen table playing one of the many homebrews he creates or found in one of our local game stores.


Enter the Gamer Actual: Never Game Alone.

                                                     --- Gamer Actual

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